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is raising more cash in california today. last night at a star studded los angeles fundraiser the president joked about his lackluster debate performance following songs from katie perry and stevie wonder. >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: the president also accused his opponent mitt romney of backing away from campaign promises. >> obviously the governor knows his trillion tax cut isn't too popular so a few weeks before this election he's trying to pretend it doesn't exist. >> reporter: romney is in virginia today for a rally and what is being called a major foreign policy address. excertains from the speech have already been released. romney want as change of course in the middle east including tougher sanctions on iran and he'll call on the u.s. to work with other nations to arm rebels in syria with reupons that can defeat bashir al assad's army. at a rally in florida, romney promised to be a strong international leader if elected. >> when i'm president oil take the care it takes to rebuild our principles and restore the principles th
sentence in a california prison since 1972 for the deaths of two men. it was his 27th appearance before the parole board. he didn't participate in the 1969 murders of actress sharon tate and six others. the parole recommendation must be finalized by the state. >> a vicious attack in a south carolina courtroom was caught on video. the defendant had been sentenced to 5 years in jail for robbery and assault when he turned aand punched his attorney. the lawyer suffered a busted lip and sore jaw and because of that the judge added an extra six months to williams sentence for contempt of court. not the smartest thing to do. up next we'll have your weather forecast and in sports, the arizona cardinals try to improve 5-0 in the city they once called home but the rams had other plans. been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card getting cash back on what? close shave and haircut fan for the ceiling. you're gonna cool off that hoooounddd! tonight you gotta get your cash back, on new slacks. use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back. chase freedom
road trip from los angeles international airport to the california space center in a couple of days. traffic is going to be a mess. >>> cbs moneywatch time now on a friday. two giants try to make a connection. get ready to pay more for a stamp. we have more. >> reporter: asian markets were mixed following more worries about weak corporate earnings. tokyo's nikkei shed a fraction. hang seng added half of a percent. the labor department reported the number of people filing new claims for unemployment declined to the lowest level in 4 1/2 years but the news did little to move the stock market. the dow lost 18 points on thursday. the nasdaq was off two points. a japanese cell phone company wants to buy 70% of struggling sprint-nextel corporation. sprint is the third largest cell phone company in the u.s. it continues to lose high paying subscribers to verizon and at&t. it is valued at about $13 billion. the price of corn jumped 5% on the commodities market and will mean higher prices for meats and other products that contain corn. throughout damaged corn for december delivery finished a
: the president wrapped up a california fundraising blitz in san francisco. he asked donors to send e-mails and make phone calls to people in swing states who will decide the election. >> we have to understand that we've got a lot more to do, and if we don't do it, then change won't happen. >> reporter: republican nominee mitt romney heads to middle america today for more campaign rallies. last week's debate re-energized his campaign, and now he has the numbers to prove it. in a pew research center poll last month, romney trailed president obama by eight points, 51% to 43%. but a new poll taken after the presidential debate last week shows him ahead now by four points, 49% to 45%. >> and people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're going to win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this, this is unbelievable, thank you so much. >> reporter: romney campaigned in the pouring rain monday in virginia, asking for votes and slamming the president's record. >> he plans on four more years like the last four years, i don't think we can afford four more years like the last four
and their families, it's as close to home as you can be. fort worth, texas los angeles, california honolulu, hawaii the uso is how america supports her troops. it's how we say thank you to the men and women who have placed our fortunes and our families and our futures ahead of their own. the uso is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that relies on the generosity of the american people. san diego, california san antonio, texas, baby. pasadena, california. but for now, it's right here. find out how you can help. visit us at uso.org. the uso. until every one comes home. >>> good morning and welcome to 9news now. today is friday, october 19th. good morning women in la plata, maryland, they're watching, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monika samtani will have your friday morning traffic. i will. and hopefully there's good news there at this point. >> a little bit. >>> and howard bernstein has the friday morning forecast. >> yeah, loud night last night. almost got in even earlier than we normally do thanks to mother nature. loud and pouring in spots. most of tha
safely returned to port. >>> in california, at least 20 passengers were injured when an amtrak train collided with a truck. it happened monday in california's central valley. the train derailed and was carrying about 169 passengers. the truck was destroyed. officials say the driver suffered only minor injuries before emergency services arrived, passengers helped get the injured off the train. >> we were there pulling people right off the train. the train was almost on its side. everything was very slippery. almost like standing on ice. it was very hard to maneuver. >> about ten miles away, a second accident about four hours later. a freight train hit a tractor-trailer. police say that driver was seriously injure >>> up next, we'll have your tuesday morning weather. in sports, who says there's no crying in baseball? there is if you made the playoffs. we'll tell you who's popping the corks this morning. made the playoffs. we'll tell you who's popping the corks this morning. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private
of retirement. when it made its entrance to the california science center it was more than 15 hours late. even for a commute in los angeles this was a whopper. it took the shuttle more than 60 hours to complete the 12 mile route from lax to the museum. on friday it snuck a late night look at a doughnut shop and turned the 405 freeway into a shuttle crossing. >> such an amazing bit of technology, history, adventure. >> reporter: when "endeavour" arrived it was an hour ahead of schedule but then everything seemed to slow the shuttle's roll. >> thought i missed it this morning. when i turned on the news, great i'll see it. >> reporter: the crowds suffering dehydration in the sun got in the way. the wing span almost clipped buildings and trees. moving at just 1 mile-per-hour, it wasn't even giving molasses a run for its money. the city had already cut down 400 trees and raised 100 power lines to give the five story shuttle enough room yet dodging space junk is apparently easier than ducking power poles. high wires had to be lifted and more trees were trimmed. the shuttle lost more time when a sche
with its annual list of the best cities to find work. san jose, california tops the list of cities with the most job growth since 2010. houston and austin texas are in second and third place and detroit, michigan is in fourth. the biggest growth industries are energy production, technology and health care. so if it doesn't work out for us here, san jose, here we come. >> missed you. good to be back. we did text every day. ashley morrison here. good to see you. coming up, the big announcement for the ipad mini. check out the latest must have tablet. the price tag may be a deal breaker. the drugmaker at the center of the meningitis outbreak accused of some disturbing safety violations. this is the morning news. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. and every day since, two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to
other americans. gas prices in california are 45 cents higher than the national average while prices in new york, new hampshire and connecticut are about 40 sense higher than a year ago. analysts blame the higher costs on reduced production at several refineries. the cost of oil saw its steepest decline since may. prices fell below $90 a barrel. the price drop can be attributed to the slowing economy in china. overseas markets edged up ahead. tokyo's nikkei gained 1% snapping a four session losing streak while hong kong's hang seng anticipated ad fraction. today the labor department releases the weekly unemployment numbers. on friday we'll get the september jobs report. stocks on wall street inched higher. the dow added 12 points while the nasdaq gained 15. one market loser was hewlett packard. shares of hp fell 13% after ceo meg whitman said she expects the company to continue to struggle over the next few years. hershey is getting socially conscious. they are pledging to use only certified coco in all its chocolate products by the year 20. hershey was criticized by activity jafts s
but it will be dry in southern california. showers and thunderstorms will develop across much of the midwest. thunderstorms are possible across arkansas, oklahoma and northwestern texas. and it will be a nice day in the northeast. >>> on the cbs moneywatch two tech giants launch big products this week and nissan recalls thousands of vehicles. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets made a late recovery after the yen the pole a two month low against the dollar helping exporters. tokyo's nikkei rose a fraction. ong kong's hang seng added a half of a%. wall street hopes to rebound after a sour week to the week. blue chips tumbled on friday. the dow lost 205 points the biggest loss in four months. the nasdaq was down 67. the price at pump continue to go down. the national average cost for a gallon of regular is $3.68. that's 11 cents less then a week ago and 15 cents less than a month ago. you're still paying more than you did last year. gas prices at this time in 2011 was 22 cents less per gallon. nissan is recalling nearly 14,000 vehicles because some of the bolts could become loose and fall
. the mississippi and ohio valley can expect showers and thunderstorms. california and the southwest will be sunny and hot. >>> on the cbs moneywatch target is matching holiday online prices and get ready for a newer, smaller ipad. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. people want to hear about this ipad. >> reporter: good morning. new speculation that they will ask for financial aid fired up the stocks. tokyo gained 1% and hang seng also added 1%. wall street ended higher on better than expected third quarter earning reports from bellwether companies. the dow finished up 127 points it was its biggest gain in one month. the nasdaq rose 36 points. michael corbat a long time citibank executive is the new ceo of the bank. pandit resigned on tuesday. during his five year tenure, he steered the bank through the 2008 financial crisis. he quit over frequent clashes with the board over business performance and strategy. citibank is the nation's third largest bank. >>> target is the latest in a growing line of retailers that will match prices from online competitors. target's program will
. >>> this morning evacuation orders have been lifted in the hills of santa barbara, california where at one point a fast-moving wildfire threatened 100 homes. the lookout fire started yesterday morning and quickly spread and burning in rugged terrain making it difficult to contain. firefighters caught a break when strong winds that were forecast never materialized. no homes were lost and the fire is 45% contained. a tentative date has been set for the trial of george zimmerman the man charged with murdering florida teen trayvon martin. he's charged with second-degree murder for the shooting of 17-year-old martin. zimmerman claims he acted in self-defense. martin was not armed. >>> now an update on the growing meningitis outbreak. people in 15 states have been sickened. there have been at least 19 fatalities. in all 247 cases have been reported. it appears the outbreak can be traced back to contaminated steroid shots from a massachusetts pharmacy. >>> coming up on the morning news another possible benefit of a low-carb diet. plus the power of a pill. a new study links taking a daily multivitamin c
will move into northern california. some areas will get as much as 18 inches of snow. showers and thunderstorms will soak parts of the midwest and the northeast. >>> in sports now, the san francisco giants have done the improbable. they came back from a 3-1 series hole and are now headed to the world series. in the second, bases loaded, hunter pence hits a three-run double up the middle, but check the replay. his bat breaks and then it hits the ball again. marco scutaro got the mvp trophy after getting 14 hits, tying the league championship. the giants crushed the cards 9-0 and face the detroit tigers tomorrow night. >>> in football, the lions and the bears mix it up in chicago. in the second, jay cutler gets chased out of the pocket and goes down hard. he had to leave the game, but he came back this the second half. detroit had a tough time scoring. matthew stafford gets picked off at fourth and goal. the bears hold off the lions 13-7. >>> lance armstrong's legacy has been officially wiped clean. he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles monday and he could lose the
in california where he wanted to live. >> tuck them against the walls. it will be fine. >> reporter: the house has an elevator and an ipad that allows him to control the lighting, the shades and open the front door. >> this is my favorite feature of the house. >> the microwave. >> reporter: everything is now within reach. >> you push that and the cabinets come down. >> reporter: he even has room to practice with his band. dominguez plans to eventually raise a family with his new wife, alexis. >> this house was just a sheer blessing from god. >> reporter: allowing him to not be just grateful for being alive but to also truly live. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >>> coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, the presidential candidates hit the campaign trail to fight for voters in battleground states today. we will get reaction from former mississippi governor, hailey barber. former secretary of state, colin powell, reveals which presidential candidate he will support and dallas mavericks owner, mark cuban joins us in studio 57. for now, that will do it for the morning news for this
down off the coast of baja, california yesterday afternoon. it brought back a ton of science experiment, medical samples and old space station gear. >>> do you think you have a bad rush hour? take a look. yesterday in madrid more than 2,000 sheep meandered through the city following a route used 800 years ago. it defended ancient grazing rights. >> children aren't always the most diplomatic. kate middleton promoted her book. one girl told the sister of duchess of cambridge what she thought about princesses. >> bet when you were 10 you loved it. >> i hate it. >> well then. excuse me. kate middleton's book called "celebrate" offers tips on entertaining through the year. i'm surprised she didn't have words for pipa. >>> coming up we'll have full coverage of hurricane sandy as it gets ready to make landfall along the mid-atlantic coast. i'm terrell brown reporting from new york this morning. this is the "cbs morning news". his morning. this is the "cbs morning news". [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morni
of the south will be dry but wind from sandy will be felt in many areas. expect rain in northwest california to western washington. while the rest of the west remains warm and dry. >>> as hurricane sandy battered the region and the power began going out in new york city, back up generators at one hospital failed. dr. jon lapook was there as personnel raced against time to save the sick. >> reporter: the dark halls of nyu medical center led to halls submerged under 12 feet of water. >> looks like a swimming pool. >> reporter: dr. robert grossman is the ceo of the hospital. >> we had failure of our primary power, secondary power, back up systems failed within 30 minutes. so we went from functioning perfectly to being completely out of power. >> reporter: it quickly became a race against time to evacuate 300 patients including 20 newborns from the neonatal intensive care unit. when i arrived shortly before midnight, ambulances were lined up waiting to transport patients to nearby hospitals. the doctor demonstrated how hospital personnel used plastic sleds to transport patients down dark narrow
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)

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